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SLP #10 - Sumaiya | India

Sumaiya, an art curator from India, joins us to get real about navigating India as a solo female traveler. Are the experiences different for a local versus a foreign solo female traveler?

SLP #9 - Gene | Australia

Gene from Australia is disappointed at how destinations like Papua New Guinea in Southeast Asia are used as "exotic tourism" spots. He tells us - while sitting in Nicaragua - what was it like to travel solo and build bonds with the Papuans.

SLP #8 - Britta | Germany

United States is a huge geography to cover traveling solo. Britta joins us to describe how to make your next trip epic at the Pacific Crest Trail running on the west coast of the country.

SLP #7 - Georges | France

Step up the solo adventure with this podcast where our motorbike connoisseur Georges-Michel from France laughs at himself for learning about solo travel biking in all the wrong ways, and how his book is helping others to avoid the silly mistakes. You can follow his adventures on his blog -

SLP #6 - Claudio | Italy

Claudio Piani from Italy has spent many years traveling and living in China. He shares with us the contrast he draws from his hometown in Milan to the big cities, countryside and mountains in China. You can follow him on Instagram ( or check out his travel books on amazon (

SLP #1 The Pilot with Ady

The pilot with Aigul & Ady! In this podcast we talk about Kyrgyzstan and Travel Buddies.

SLP #2 - Sarrah | Singapore

This podcast we welcome Sarrah David from Singapore! We go into the perspectives of a solo female traveler, about first solo trips and some strange experiences traveling alone.

SLP #3 - Virag | Hungary

For this podcast we welcome Virag Szabo from Hungary and try going deep into a solo travels in 'unconventional' locations like Pakistan & Bangladesh. This is a good one if you are an experience solo female traveler. You can follow her adventures on or @viristravels on instagram

SLP #4 - Vicky | UK

Joining us for this podcast are Vicky Smyth from UK and her travel buddy who suggested to have her on, & his second time here, Ady from Singapore. We tapped into their ideas about how to get around sponsoring a solo travel plans, and what are some of the financial, ethical and lawful concerns about these ideas. Listen before you think "nah solo travel is expensive!"

SLP #5 - Megan | US

Meet Megan Starr, a solo traveler from the United States with amazing stories and insights from her favourite country - Armenia. Megan explains what Armenia does well for solo travelers and why it is such an underrated solo travel destination. You can follow her adventures on

Future Episodes...

SLP #11 - Louiela from Philippines

SLP #12 - Elaine from United States