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7 ways to make friends while traveling

Most of us solo travelers actually end up making so many more new friends when traveling alone than when traveling with a group. And when you're alone, I guess you're just a bit more open to meeting new people because you want some human interaction. In my experience, we're anyway a bit more open when traveling solo and already share a common interest - Travel! Here are seven ways you can try to make friends while you're traveling. #1 - Smile and stay positive. Perhaps not always looking into your phone or wearing headphones when there are other travelers around you? You'll naturally be more approachable. #2 - Ask them about what they plan to do next, and if it interests you maybe they offer you to come along too! This only works if you have a flexible travel itinerary.

#3 - Stay at hostels and guesthouses with a interactive areas. In some countries there really isn't much price difference between private hotel rooms and hostels. So it's less about saving a few bucks and more about opening opportunities for more interaction. #4 - Try a walking tour. You're bound to share a 'Aha!' moment or a 'Ba-dam-tish!' funny moment with someone, and that breaks the ice to connect. #5 - Strike up a conversation with the locals. Doesn't matter who they are, so long as they seem friendly and genuine. Hostel staff, Airbnb hosts, Local merchants or the nearby cafe owner. They have met so many travelers that they would probably be able to have a good sense of what you enjoy or don't enjoy in the first conversation, and offer you company to do something fun. #6 - Take trains or buses. When going across cities, those are better options instead of private hires. You'll see a mix bag of locals and travelers in such journeys, so why not create a chance to find a friend along that journey! #7 - If you use apps or websites to find friends, it's best to meet in a public place and ask respectful questions to build trust and see if you enjoy similar travel things. Thankfully #Solopacker helps you almost instantly do that by showing you in real time only those with strong matching travel preferences and how the Solopacker community has rated them.

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