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Finding a trusted travel buddy should not be this hard in 2019

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

I found a travel buddy in the middle of the jungle

If you are a solo traveler, or know one, ask them what's the best thing about traveling solo. Usual top answers:


Meet New People

Self Exploration

That 'Meet New People' bit is easier said than done. By far most of the people travelers meet en route are genuine & helpful, local people for the most part. But almost every daredevil solo traveler has a eye-rolling to bone-chilling story about what went wrong when their trust was breached.

And yet, solo travel is an upward trend, in particular among women, and at Solopacker we support all of them to go explore. That's a positive trend in most respects - solo travelers have a more inclusive mindset, they are more likely to be conscientious about their carbon footprint, and they push the boundaries of tourism beyond commercial itineraries.

So if solo travel does more good overall, and is getting more popular, why is their need to connect with other travelers solely left to lady luck? Can technology bring more convenience and trust for a solo traveler to connect with other travelers?

The answer is yes, and we think Solopacker can provide that fuss free and trusted platform. We're designing a service where you can find travelers with matching travel preferences real time on a map, and choose to connect with those with good trust scores & community rating. No personal data is shared in that process.

What's more - only a member can invite another traveler to join Solopacker, which ensures that Solopacker is the most trusted community of travelers.

For full & free access to Solopacker, go to

To learn about Solopacker, go to

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