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I'm an Introvert. Is Solo Travel for me?

Pre-sunset hikes are the best

Spoiler alert - I concluded a big fat YES, and here's why...

I'm an introvert, which to me basically means that I rather be in a setting of few people instead of a lot of people. I derive positive energy from human connection, just like extroverts, but my capacity for that energy is lower.

Traveling solo as an introvert comes with its challenges. Fellow travelers mistake me as rude for not engaging with big hugs and cheers. Locals don't really judge me but the communication gap gets wider as my capacity to engage gets smaller. 

And perhaps a less frequent but quite frustrating challenge is that I'm never able to find company for last minute adventures like a pre-sunset hike or day trips to a remote village. It's safe and frankly more fun to share those impromptu experiences with a fellow traveler. But how does an introvert like me quickly find that travel buddy?

Well so far I used to just go with the flow and hope for the best. It's not gonna stop me from travelling solo. But since I learnt about Solopacker, I think it will give me better control over the challenge of finding a travel buddy I can trust, even if it's at the last minute. 

What's good about Solopacker that it cuts straight to match travelers who have similar travel styles. For me I travel shoestring budget, don't really care much about food but absolutely love the outdoors.

So yes, introverts can also be solo travelers, and Solopacker is gonna make their life a little bit easier.

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